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21 april 2009, Episode 4

Bulgaro-Canadian Cultural Synergy

Our Canadian spring is knocking on the door telling us
it’s time to launch our website.
You can join us this evening in the Old Montreal to celebrate our artists! Of Skyscrapers and Totems Since the biggest luxury is freedom, we’re happy to take you on a Trans-Canadian tour and introduce you in this 4th episode to talent from ocean to ocean. Meet our new artists who by overcoming their identity crisis are giving way to ecological and spiritual concerns. Expect to be surprised. As promised we filmed for you the sunset from lovely Vancouver Island. Likewise, on the spot we enjoyed the internationally renowned work of painter Tanya Doskova, a classic jazz concert of young piano master, Kristian Alexandrov, and Breathless, an original exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Biliana Velkova questioning consumerist values. Further, we viewed Green Dream, the ecologically focused documentary by Maia Iotzova and sneaked into a rehearsal of the Varna Chamber Choir. Of course we didn’t forget to have a taste of Acacia’s home-made Bulgarian specialties that the busy café serves since 1962 in Vancouver’s West-End.
Snapshot of a projection of the docu-short, Green Dream by Maia Iotzova, Vancouver 2009 Snapshot of a visit at George Draganov's fine jewelry studio, Toronto 2009 Banitza - a snapshot of a visit at Acacia, a bulgarian specialty reastaurant in Vancouver, 2009 Snapshot of Ellie Yonova's director of photography showreel
During Toronto’s Music Week, we covered a concert by the band Chiwawa with Krassimir Halatchev on bass and viewed Spare Change, Ryan Larkin’s last animation short featuring Chiwawa’s music. On that same gorgeous weekend, we journeyed through the worlds of painters Anna Pantchev, Ivo Stoyanov, Orlin Manchev, and Milen Art, while jeweler George Draganov took our breath away with his collection of garden inspired fine pieces of jewelry . In Montreal, we let you take a look at the award-winning design of the University of Québec, Montreal new science campus completed with the participation of architect Vladimir Topouzanov, whereas our contributor Ellie Yonova from Newfoundland will wow you with her artistic photography and frames from classic Bulgarian movies. No matter what words we use to portray an artist, nothing can replace the simple act of seeing their work. Their creations best describe the artist’s personal journey, influences, tastes, yearnings and vision of the world and of life.

     Enjoy the viewing!
Rossita Dove Rédactrice en chef/Editor-in-Chief
Snapshot of the music band Chiwawa playing at the Cadillac Lounge during Toronto's Music Week, 2009 Snapshot of UQAM, corner Sherbrooke and St-Urbain, architecture Vladimir Topouzanov, 2009 Snapshot of a rehearsal with the Varna Chamber Choir, Vancouver 2009 Snapshot of the video, Artistic Photography by Ellie Yonova, 2009
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