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24 February 2009, Episode 2

Bulgaro-Canadian Cultural Synergy

Mid-Winter Night’s Dream At the University of Ottawa , a literature professor of mine used to say that comfort is not what drives the artist to succeed. On the other hand, hard times and discomfort can become a source of infinite inspiration driving the artist to defy gravity and reach new heights. In the same vein, we’ve brought together a few artists who with humble extravagance have persisted through endless struggles in the pursuit of their dreams. So, this time, you can meet with the painter Steven Lamb (Svilen Hristozof) who in two interviews shares his life-vision and journey as an artist. Further, you can view the paintings of Peter G. Ray, one of the rare Bulgarian-Canadian names to make himself a place in New York City. You will also discover a few projects from Visavis Graphics’ portfolio, a design firm founded by the painters and illustrators Vesselina Tomova and Vessela Brakalova. Elsewhere in the episode, the architects Vladimir and Nadejda Topouzanov relate the adventure of transforming a House in the St-Henri neighborhood into an award winning residence. Among the various Montreal projects of stature in which Mr. Topouzanov has participated, you can explore this time the Pavillon Lassonde de l’École Polytechnique of the University of Montreal.
Peter Batakliev in the television series, Largo Winch, 2001 Snapshot of Vis-à-Vis' graphic design portfolio, St-John's, Newfoundland 2008 Venelina Ghiaourov in the role of Sofia in the tv soap, L'Auberge du chien noir, 2003 Snapshot of an urn sculpture by Lydia Ilarionova, Montreal 2008
Not to miss: two theatre plays staged by Peter Batakliev, Steven Kerr’s Unity 1918 and Hristo Boychev’s famous Colonel Bird, where you can equally admire the performance of actress Venelina Ghiaourov. She also stars as Sofia in the television series L’Auberge du chien noir, while Peter Batakliev on his side incarnates a gangster in Largo Winch. For a dose of adrenaline, we attended the filming of a video clip of the band iDolphin at -20°C in the much talked about Ice Hotel located north of Québec city. It can never look as cold as it felt. Gold, we’ve been told is the safest investment in the current economy situation. Thus, the ancient gold collection of the Iladesign studio founded by Lydia Ilarionova and Marin Marinov fits in the zeitgeist. You can get an eyeful in an additional slideshow of jewelry by Iladesign. And finally the Triple Urn, maybe our most original feature, will make you discover the spiritual side of Lydia Ilarionova’s sculptures. In the name of all those who like us spent the winter in Canada, winking at all the cold feet who flew out to the South, we’ve attempted to capture the Magic of Montreal in a clip filmed around the neighborhood, from Le Plateau to Chinatown. Rossita Dove Rédactrice en chef/Editor-in-Chief
Snapshot of the video, A Visit at the Polytechnique, architect Vladimir Topouzanov, Montreal 2008 Snapshot of the making-of of the theatre play, Unity 1918, directed by Peter Batakliev, Montreal 2008 Snapshot of the Ancient Gold collection by Iladesign fine jewelry studio, Marin Marinov and Lydia Ilarionova, Montreal 2008 Snapshot of the video, The Night by the music band, iDolphin, Ice Hotel, Quebec 2008
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